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Thursday, January 26, 2012


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Super 1 Pop Tart Deal

I just had to share this with you real quick!  This week there is a coupon in the Super 1 flyer to get Kellogg's Pop Tarts, 8ct for only $1.00.  I will definitely picking this item up!  My daughter LOVES pop tarts!

As I mentioned before, this deal is for Central Louisiana.  You will have to check your local store to see if this deal is being offered in your area.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ways 2 Save Part II

Okay, so last post I talked about our MOPS meeting being about handling money and some of the different ways we can save money.  Well, I wanted to talk about some of the specific DIY projects I do to save money.  So here's a list for you:
1. Make ALL cards (This was our MOPS craft, too!)
2. Make hairbows & headbands
3. Make bow holders
4. Hair cuts
5. Make Laundry Detergent
6. Make cleaners
7. Make taco seasoning
8. Mend your own clothes
9. Wash and Clean the car yourself
10. Check out books at the library rather than buying them
11. Vaccinate pets at home
12. Build the dog house, don't buy it
13. Paint it yourself
14. Learn how to put up a back splash and  lay tile yourself (My husband and I did it!)  
15. Make decorations (this is really easy to do if you have a cricut)
16. Make your child's b-day cake instead of ordering one
17. Take your own photos (Odds are you will do much better than a photographer unless you plan to spend   at least $800)
18. Re-purpose things
19. Make holiday decor and home decor:  frames, candles, paintings, vinyl quotes, flower arrangements, glass etched items, coat racks, canvas art, wreaths, garland, etc.
20. Make gifts: blankets, toddler rocking chairs, framed photos, glass etched items, candles, frames, bows, bow holders, home decor items, personalized onesies, baby pants from an old t-shirt, scrapbook, scarfs, jewelry, ornaments, hair accessories, cards, etc.

What are some of your DIY projects that save your family money?

Ways to Save Money

Today was my monthly MOPS meeting, and boy was it great to be back!  Our theme was handling money.  During our discussion group, one of the questions was, "What are some ways that you save money?".  Of course you all know my answers were about couponing, D.I.Y. projects, and making detergents and cleaning supplies.  One of the ladies in my group, D, mentioned getting a food saver.  I had never thought about this before, but what a great idea!  It provides a much better was to freeze left-overs, or store them in lunch size portions for your hubby, as well as a great way to seal products like chips, making them last longer.  Do any of you use a food saver?  If so, what do you think about it?  Do you use it a lot?  We also talked about being patient when making a purchase, shopping around for deals, buying clearance, etc.  The question was also posed as to how much we spend per month on groceries.  I won't say what everyone said they spend on average, but I will share mine.  Our monthly grocery bill varies from $175 to $300.  I know that is kind of a lot, but here is why and how.  When I properly plan our monthly menu and base it mostly off of what is on sale, and do the coupon match up work we can do the $175 range.  If I don't put in the work it will be in the $250-$300 range.  Now, since my husband is a teacher, we get paid once a month so when we have a really long month, like this one, it will easily hit $300, even with coupons and all.   The last time we got paid was December 16th, so it will have been 46 days without pay or grocery shopping on the 31st.  So, needless to say it will be a BIG shopping trip.  So, how do you save on your grocery bill?  How often do you do the grocery shopping?

Thursday, January 19, 2012


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